• Robshaw & Julian Background

    Robshaw & Julian Associates, Inc. was established in 1979 as an independently owned investment advisor, registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission. Ownership of the firm is shared equally by Stephen R. Robshaw and James P. Julian. The firm has four investment professionals who function as a team.

    Investment management and personal financial planning offered on a fee-for-service basis are the only businesses of the firm. We do not sell investments or receive sales commissions. Our clients employ us to provide financial advice and to manage their investment portfolios on a discretionary basis.

    Our clients include:

    - Individuals for whom we manage IRA's, taxable accounts, trusts, etc.
    - Corporations for whom we manage corporate investments as well as profit sharing and 401k plans.
    - Charitable organizations for whom we manage endowment funds.

    Our client portfolios are invested in individual stocks and bonds. Low cost electronically traded funds (ETFs) are used for specialized industry or country exposures. Smaller portfolios may now be completely invested in ETFs to achieve the appropriate diversification.