• Investment Approach

    At Robshaw & Julian Associates we believe:

    - That ownership of well-managed, financially strong growing businesses is the best way to accumulate wealth.
    - In relying on fundamental research.
    - In doing our own independent research.
    - In minimizing trading costs.
    - In working as a coordinated team.
    - That portfolio asset allocation should be determined by the objectives and risk tolerance of the client.
    - That investment success consists of meeting long term objectives rather than beating short term benchmarks.

    Investment decisions are made as a team. Firm-wide decisions are consistently applied by each portfolio manager to all client portfolio as appropriate. Every account gets the benefits of the best efforts of the entire firm.

    The team concept is also applied to account management. Although each account is assigned to one portfolio manager, all accounts are periodically reviewed by the full investment committee. This assures that each portfolio is closely following the firm-wide investment strategy.

    Our investment process relies on fundamental factor and valuation analysis. That analysis includes a formal weekly review of U.S. and global economic patterns and projections of industry trends. From this analysis we derive our Equity Strategy and our Fixed Income Strategy, which are proprietary tools used to construct individual client portfolios.

    All portfolio managers are involved in the research process. A variety of public and proprietary research sources are employed, but direct contact with companies under consideration for investment is given the highest priority.