• Financial Planning

    Getting ready for the big expenses of life, buying a house, your children's education and your retirement, requires preparation and planning. To reach your financial goals you need to develop a plan which gives appropriate consideration to your financial circumstances, your available resources and your tolerance for risk. Your plan must also incorporate realistic long term risk and return projections for the investment markets.

    While people often wait until the college or retirement years are imminent before giving serious thought to exactly how they will be paid for, it is never too late to benefit from better planning.

    The first step in creating a formal financial plan is to fill out the Robshaw & Julian Financial Planning Questionnaire (PDF). This questionnaire, which is completely confidential, asks for information about your family, your income and expenses, your financial resources, your attitude towards risk and your financial objectives. The data is then analyzed by computer to project your financial picture into the future. A detailed report with graphic representations of your future income and assets under various scenarios is prepared for your use. Financial plans are updated every two years or after substantial changes occur in your situation.

    Investment Management

    Based on your individual investment circumstances, we will work with you to create a personalized investment strategy. This strategy leads to the construction of a portfolio of securities designed to meet your long term objectives.

    Portfolio management is an ongoing process. Your portfolio manager will make occasional but important adjustments to your portfolio to keep it in line with your objectives. Market movements may cause your fixed income or equity allocation to vary from its intended range. Stocks which perform especially well may become over-weighted, increasing your risk level above what is acceptable. Other stocks may be sold from your portfolio to make room for new ideas. Bonds come due and must be replaced. You may decide to add to your account or to make a substantial withdrawal. All of these developments require action by your portfolio manager.

    For more information on our investment process, take a look at our Investment Approach.